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  • Laura L. Van Tassel, Esq.

Co-Parenting in the Digital Age

Co-Parenting doesn't look the same as it was several decades ago. With the growth in technology, the interaction between co-parents and children has changed. We now have digital families and countless co-parenting apps to keep everything running smoothly like never before. However, with the good, there comes the bad.

Technology use among children is cause for concern and disputes between co-parents. No matter what parent is pro-tech and what parent isn’t…. One thing is for sure the Digital Age is here to stay, so you need to work it into your co-parenting plan.

Here’s a list of some common disputes:

What devices are the children allowed to have or use?

Who pays for the devices?

How much screen time can children have and when?

Do the children need to share their passwords?

If the one parent takes away a device as punishment, does the parent need to provide the child access to their phones so they can reach the other co-parent? Are we tracking the children?

How much screen time is appropriate?

How many texts should you send when it’s not your scheduled day or week?

What social media platforms are the children permitted to use?

(I found this great resource called Parent Zone, which is dedicated to helping families make the most of their online worlds while helping parents to be aware of the risks and harms they will also find online. This site offers great resources you can check out here.

Of course, both co-parents may initially disagree on the answers to some of the questions above. A family law mediator can help you reach a consensus with your co-parent by using conflict resolution techniques and making suggestions of terms in a "Co-Parenting Electronic Agreement."

Here at Van Tassel Law, I include modern approaches like “Virtual Legal Services” that help my clients save time and money and reduce stress. If you are looking for a modern Northern New Jersey divorce or custody attorney who believes in “A Kinder Approach To Life’s Legal Issues, drop by, or contact me today at (201) 664-856 For a free consult.


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