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  • Laura L. Van Tassel, Esq.

Communication breakdown with your Ex? There’s an App for that.

Divorce or Separation can be a difficult time for partners and their children. Finding a way to communicate politely and respectfully with your former partner and keep them in the loop is a struggle. Many couples use phone calls, emails and text messages to communicate and plan. However, these methods of communication come with their own set of possible problems: The messages are not all kept in the same place. Many parents don’t want to have their children subjected to hearing a phone call with their ex-partner that can go off at any time. It’s also all too tempting to fire off a quick, nasty response when a nasty or aggressive message is received, often starting an unhelpful exchange. Text messages can also be read by children and also often end up before the Court.

If you are struggling to communicate with your ex, apps may be the solution.

Using an App to communicate with your former spouse can have significant advantages over older methods. While mobile apps usually aren’t the first thing people think of to help them get through an intense legal process, luckily modern technology has variety of apps designed to help do just that. These apps offer help and guidance and include information to assist in co-parenting, the ability to sync schedules or calendars, expense management facilities, the ability to share information such as doctor’s reports and/or school reports, photos, and even ‘trade request’ features to enable you to communicate with your partner about swapping days or times in relation to the children’s care. The apps keep all of the information in one place, can synchronize information between households, and are private and secure.

Here are few apps on the market designed to assist divorcing couples:

Need More Help?

If a relationship has broken down, or is breaking down, consulting with an empathetic and experienced family lawyer can guide you in the right direction. I am able to refer you to appropriate therapists to assist in the repair of a relationship, should that be the desire. I can advise and assist in a managed exit strategy where that is required, and give guidance and assistance in relation to protective measures, both with respect to personal safety and also financial security.

I am here if you want a personal consultation to gain insight in relation to your specific circumstances. Call me at (201) 664-8566 to make an appointment.

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